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November 15 2011

Wow, the last update to this was over 6 years ago. A lot's changed since then. I'm planning to revisit this site at some point with more focus, but for now, it's going into deep storage.

Moving again

July 7, 2005

Since the last update:

  • The NIC in my old linux box went zzzt and died. I haven't felt inclined to put a new one in. I just may slave the drive on the newer machine and pull my data out from there.
  • Tami and I started dating on May 25th 2004. We're planning on moving in together hopefully by the end of the month.
  • I'm a full-time employee at UNCG now, part time student. Doing well...
  • Tami finished her Comp. Sci. Master's in December. She just signed on with the Greensboro News and Record as a programmer.
  • I've updated my hardware from circa 1999 to circa 2003. I'm real pleased with the new hotness...
Other than that, I'm hoping to have a more solid network/devcenter up and running in the new place so that I can really do this site some justice. But for now, this'll do.

JWO 2.0 update

April 6, 2004

With all the shennanigans and goings-on around this place, I can't seem to get a moment's peace. However, the new framework for JWO 2.0 is almost complete. After some touch up and detailing, I will start with the content pages. Some time or another I need to layout how I'll store the content in the db. I've written it out enough times, I may just use an old method.

I'm set to start harassing UNCG to let me sign up for classes in the middle of this month.

JWO in progress, pardon the tag fragments

January 28, 2004

Just moved into some new digs, the testing server and network transferred just fine, but now I'm trying to keep up with unpacking, work and job seeking. Updates may not increase for a while, but I'll keep you informed.

JWO to begin pre-Alpha work

October 7, 2003

I always thought the Alpha stage was a bit of a joke, but I guess it sounds better than, "Hey, I'm starting on the site now!"...

Unfortunately, the bulk of the work, you won't see directly. Part of doing the site in PHP/mysql was that I wanted to make a custom content management system(or CMS, for those who feel everything has to have an acronym), Project Management Application(PMA), and multi-flavors(experimental).

Hopefully, with these running in place, I won't have to edit the files directly in vi. I will also have a system to start and measure the progress of other projects.

All of my family fared through Isabel OK. My Aunt and Uncle Rollinson live on Hatteras Island and are cut off from the mainland along with the other residents. Getting clean water to the island is still an issue. Currently it is being brought in by truck via ferry along with food and other necessities. The Army Corps of Engineers a semi rigged with showers for the residents to use. 3 new inlets have been cut into the Outer Banks, some as deep as 35 feet.

Things are still far from normal out there, and some people think North Carolina got off easy...

Geez, time for an update

July 8, 2003

Well, if you don't keep up with me personally, you've really been out of the loop. Where to start....
  1. I resigned from OPC in order to return to school(I know my coworkers heard about work in Raliegh, but it didn't pan out).
  2. I've moved from my nest in Atlanta to my nest in Greensboro, NC.
  3. Still unemployed, looking for work in the area.
  4. Turned 26.
  5. Slated to return to school in the summer of 2004 in order to qualify for in-state tuition.
  6. Grew a beard for a time long enough to discover I shouldn't have one. Shaved it clean off.
  7. Lost 10 lbs. If you find it, it's yours.
  8. and yes, all you player-haters, I still have the BMW.
So, greetings from North Carolina, you wish your economy didn't suck this bad!

New Year, New Opporunities, New Digital Camera!

January 30, 2003

What's new? I've finished up my jsp, Oracle (no java :-() project. Almost as fun as I thought, though some aspects left a lot to be desired. Now I'm working on a project for the Rocky Mountain Hydro Plant. It's a fun place to tour, especially if you get a chance to watch one of their 340,000HP generators spin up. They move water through pipes large enough to drive a double-decker bus through. Other than that, the camera I originally ordered back at Christmas finally came in! I can't wait to start playing with it! Anyway, more later.

Happy Holidays to all

December 14, 2002

Well, the holidays are upon us, and the site has not been updated. I'm currently working on some new projects at work involving jsp, Oracle, Java, and I'm sure more. As far as the site goes, I'm going to start designing the mysql table files for the site. It's starting to come together, folks. More later.

Welcome to the Site Launch!!!!

October 2, 2002 @ 10:50 pm

Well, if you're reading this, you've made it to my site launch. I've decided to start out simple for my first personal site in about 2-3 years. Normally I'd be fussing with the interface, page layout, or something until I couldn't stand to look at it anymore and trash the whole thing to start over.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Jeff Williams, a North Carolina transplant living in Atlanta, GA. since 10/2000. Atlanta is probably the largest city I've lived in and so far, it's been a very interesting time. I'll go into more detail about my life in the about section of the site.

jeffreyWilliams.org is a personal site used to showcase my interests, works, and maybe a good joke, story, or picture. From programming to graphic artwork(and I use the term, "art", loosely), music(very loosely), to writing(not as loose as the others). There's more to come! blogger, subject galleries, stuff...

So anyway, that's it for now, keep checking in for updates! Here are some of the site comps that didn't make it for various reasons.

I tried to take this before I drank the coke.  I really tried.

Two Yum-Yum's hot dogs and a bottle of Coke: Dinner of Champions!
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